CMS’ Corporate Credit Manager has been the industry standard in commercial credit management software since 1985. It has grown through the years from a simple spreadsheet display to a full blown windows enterprise application. With over 1500 users worldwide, CCM has established itself as THE credit management system. Using the knowledge gained in our years of working in the credit industry and much feedback from our user community, we have taken the next step in credit management.

Introducing the CMS Credit Suite – a web-based suite of credit management tools, complete with commercial credit scoring, financial statement analysis, credit limit modeling, collection monitoring and management, and robust database reporting, delivered from an efficient user-created dashboard.



Each user’s dashboard provides an at-a glance view of key performance indicators, alerts, work flows and other data relative to that user’s account portfolio. Continuously updated, the dashboard drives needed actions to the user immediately based upon account prioritization rules. A single click from the dashboard opens an account for information access, updates, and actions as needed.




The CMS Credit Suite Overall Risk Rating tells you the quality of a customer, but that’s not all. The Overall Risk Rating can be used to drive models that recommend appropriate credit limits and terms. Plus, when each customer in your database has a score, you can now report on the risk of your Accounts Receivable Portfolio.

Your company is unique. You don’t do things the same way as your competitors, so why would you want to score your customers the same way as your competitors? CMS Credit Suite puts you in charge of your scoring models, providing the ability for unlimited scorecards and unlimited scoring items that are defined and weighted by you. The scoring scale can be simple or complex, and the resulting quality score can be translated into an Internal Rating for ease of understanding outside the credit department. Non-financial indicators from your own experience plus outside ratings, financial data and predictive elements can all be incorporated into your scoring models. Not sure where to start? No problem – we’ll provide you with a default model based on our years of credit scoring experience which you can adopt as your own or alter as you choose.


In today’s fast-paced competitive environment, you need a credit decision in minutes, rather than in days. CMS Credit Suite enables you to delegate the credit decision-making to your credit team, empowering members to approve credit limits for the majority of your customer base. By utilizing models that incorporate factors such as the customer’s risk, industry high credit, and/or financial stability, CMS Credit Suite’s Approval Management Workflow will guide analysts through the approval process. Similar modeling can be utilized to recommend terms based upon user-defined criteria. Since the models are based upon your company’s methodology, a team member will be able to approve a large number of credit limits and set terms without management involvement. Accounts can be elevated to another team member when needed, due to increased risk factors or higher credit limit needs. CMS Credit Suite maintains the history of changes to the credit limit and terms for each customer and provides for the documentation of the credit decision process.




Improve cash flow by increasing the productivity of your collectors through rules-based work flow. You define collection strategies to prioritize the accounts that will receive attention first, improving the efficiency of your team and ensuring that collectors are following your collection strategy. The daily collections work list displays on a collector’s dashboard, along with a recommended action to be taken based upon your rules. When the collector contacts the account, the results are recorded – payment was promised, for example – and a follow-up date is set by the collector. Outstanding payment promises and reminders also display on the dashboard ensuring that nothing “falls through the crack”. Statements can be generated at will and emailed to the customer, and accounts can be escalated to supervisors or managers as dictated by your collection policy.

Collection Effectiveness reports by collector, region and/or team help supervisors manage their team. Performance statistics such as DSO, Best Possible DSO, Sales Weighted DSO, Collection Effectiveness Index and Average Days to Pay are calculated for each collector and for the entire portfolio.


  • In-depth Financial Analysis
  • Year to Year Comparison Tracking
  • User Defined Ratio Calculation and Scoring
  • Multi-Statement View and Entry



  • Family Rollup and Navigation
  • Combine any number of family members for a full summary of information.
  • Quick Links provide a quick navigation between family members.
  • Unlimited Family Tree

Query Builder

  • New Improved Search and Report Process
  • Dynamic Field Selection
  • Basic and Advanced Functionality
  • Export Results to Excel
  • Paged Results Display

Cross Browser Support


Hosted In The Cloud

* available for in-house/internal install as well

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