WebDecisioning™ is a web-based tool for processing new B2B credit applications
and obtaining immediate results. Prospective new account information is entered into your credit application and,
when submitted, is:

  1. Scored – using your scorecard and data from one or several third party data providers;
  2. Assigned a Credit Limit and Terms – using your authorized limits and rules for new accounts based on the score; and
  3. Given an Approval Status – either immediatly Approved, or set aside for further Review, or Declined, all based upon your decision rules.

WebDecisioning can obtain an approval with a suggested Credit Limit and Terms in seconds! All applications are
reviewable, as are the supporting agency reports used to obtain the scoring elements. WebDecisioning can
also be configured to provide a fulfillment function to send return information via email, including attachments for additional documents,
directly to the applicant and/or personnel internally. Data for all applications can be exported for use in your internal systems.
WebDecisioning can also feed the application data directly into CMS’s CCM-Online Credit and Collection application, if desired.

WebDecisioning is a fast, easy and low-cost way to obtain new account approvals.

  • Configuration
    • Scoring Model
      • Add Scoring Items and Create Scorecard
      • Set Weights and Possible Responses
      • Select Agency to obtain reports
    • Credit Limit and Terms Models
      • Set Authorized Limits for ranges of Scores
      • Set Terms for ranges of Scores
    • Approval Decision Criteria
      • Set values for Auto Approval, Review or Decline based on Score and/or Comparison of Authorized Limit versus Credit Requested
  • New Applications
    • Use CMS’s generic Credit Application or create your own
    • Specify Required Fields
    • Include Agreement with Terms and Conditions
  • Application Status
    • Manage all entered applications and review submitted data and approval results
    • Change Status of applications under review or declined
    • View results and agency report data used to score
  • Data Providers
    • Manage third party data providers and reports available
    • Set up “Pull” sequence for reports, even from different providers and establish criteria to determine when and if secondary reports should be requested
  • Fulfillment
    • Allows for creation of email for notification of results
    • Provides for multiple email addresses and allows for attachments
  • Technical
    • Direct interface between WebDecisioning and CMS’s CCM-Online
    • Standard data export format using XML